Body Piercing

Tattoos & Body Piercing

Art and Soul Ink doesn't just offer some of the best tattoos in Phoenix, we also have a body piercing studio on site! 

Drop by or Call!

If you're looking to get a body piercing done, call us for an appointment, or drop by the shop.  Our body piercing staff is professional, discreet, clean and can cater to just about any type of piercing you are looking for. Contact us for more details! 

common Body Piercing locations

Septum Piercing

This piercing area describes the ridgeline just between each of your nasal openings. 

Belly Button/Navel Piercing

A very common location for a fun piercing. Be sure to get it before the summer season so you aren't trying to heal it when swimming or tanning.

Nose Piercing

This piercing is most commonly a stud or ring located on the top side of either your left or right nasal opening.

Eyebrow Piercing

An eyebrow piercing can be placed anywhere along the brow line on either the right or left side of your face.

Ear Piercing

The ear has many locations that can be pierced and each one adds a unique touch to the area.

Nipple Piercing

While popular for both male and females, this piercing area is not for the feint of heart and will hurt.

Other Facial Piercings

This piercing category can include the cheek, "beauty mark" area, upper cheek, etc.

Lip Piercings

Labret, Monroe, Meduca, Dahlia, Angel bites, etc. are just some of the different types of lip piercings out there.

Tongue Piercings

This piercing is best left to professionals. The structure of the tongue is different for everyone and the type you can get depends on that structure.